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To the right: Painting by Zen Master Sochu Suzuki, Tom Chetwynd's teacher.


The Heart Sutra


Tom reciting poetry (recording)


Tom's top ten Zen recommended reading list - scroll down


Places to Sit


There are two opportunities to sit in London with Tom Chetwund's students:


Richard Garlick's Zen group at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Munster Square, London NW1 3PH

Weekly sitting continues Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm. If the front gate of the

church is chained, please ring the buzzer at the back door.

Wednesday eevning (except the last Wednesday of the month)

18:45 How to Sit (for beginners

19:00-10:30 Zazen (sitting meditation with 2 breaks)


It is helpful to wear loose comfortable clothes, appropriate for the temperature at the time of year. It is very important to be on time, as meditation begins promptly at 7pm. It is customary for anyone who absolutely has to arrive late to enter very quietly, take a seat in the pews, and wait fo the first break (19:25) to join the group. It should also be noted that there will be no verbal instruction for anyone arriving late as it would disturb everyone else's meditation.


Maggie Hindley's Zen group at Interfaith Church.

Weekly sittings are Thursdays 6:30-8 at London Inter Faith Centre


020 7372 1765



Other links that are helpful:


Granite Mountain Zen Group London http://www.granitemountainzen.co.uk/


Kyudo Nakagawa, abbot of Ryutaku-ji 1990-2007. Kyudo Roshi's website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyudo_Nakagawa


Tom's top ten Zen reading list:

For a more comprehensive reading list go to Zen and the Kingdom of Heaven

(In alphabetic order)

BROSSE, Jacques - Les Maitres Spirituels

BUDGE, E. A. Wallis - English translation of the Wit and Wisdom of the Christian Fathers of Egypt.

CASSIAN, John - Institutes and Conferences


DOGEN - Shobogenzo

MEYENDORFF, John A - Study of Gregory of Palams

SAHN, Seung - Drooping Ashes on the Buddha The Compass of Zen (read second half zen stories).

SEKIDA, Katsuki - Zen Training

SOKEI-AN - The Zen Eye

The PHILOKALIA - For those Christians pursuing the path of spritual perfection, this anthology of the Christian masters is ranked second only to the Bible 1- 14 century

Zen Enlightenment series of images - trainin of the bull metaphor

Zen Enlightenment - the series of images continues